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  1. Add on Authors

    I got my ts3_Overlay plug in from the Teamspeak 3 web site. years ago. I don't know the author.

    I guess I will just wait for the update or for a new one to be created.
  2. Ts3_overlay Question


    Since I posted this in the wrong section it has been moved to this section.

    Does anyone know when the Ts3_Overlay add on will be updated to run on 3.1?
    If it is updated will it...
  3. ok

    Thank you for your fast reply.

    The SYNC option is just for the cloud i guess?

    I guess I will have to wait for the API creator to update it. I got the API from the Plug in Section on Teamspeak....
  4. Plugins do not work after client update 3.1


    I updated my Teamspeak to the new version and created a Myteamspeak account.

    My ts3_Overlay addon that I use for gaming will no longer work, I am getting this error:

    Plugin Failed...
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