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  1. Can anyone help?` For those who doesnt...

    Can anyone help?`

    For those who doesnt understand what I wrote in german in my last post:

    Its not that im complaining about the thing, that Teamspeak is changing the sound from on/off and from...
  2. Das ist nicht mein Problem. Ich will das es...

    Das ist nicht mein Problem. Ich will das es genauso funktioniert. Mein Problem ist es, dass es auf BEIDEN Reitern, die Eingabe mehr als nur einmal nimmt, sprich muted und entmuted gleichzeitig. ...
  3. Client Issue: muting Microphone/muting sound

    Since some weeks Im having the issue, that I cant mute my microphone/sound properly. Whenever im connected to more than one server with the same teamspeak3 window/client opened, it uses the...
  4. Teamspeak deleted all my favorites and identitys (Server Groups on servers etc.)

    Today I got an issue with the myTeamspeak-Synchronization. I got a pop-up from teamspeak which said "sync failure" or something like that.
    I didnt think about it that much and thought ok,...
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