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    [Not Supported] do not use the guide in this thread, if you run...

    do not use the guide in this thread, if you run teamspeak with this permission level you are at security risk.

    i wrote a guide how to run the new teamspeak 3 server as a service properly here:...
  2. Securely Running Teamspeak 3 Server 2018 as a Service on Windows 2012 Server or later


    I was recently forced to upgrade and i ran into problems running the new teamspeak server as a service using the old tricks that have previously worked so i figured out a new solution i though...
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    [Not Supported] who in their right mind wants the teamspeak...

    who in their right mind wants the teamspeak service to run at system privileges? what if the teamspeak is compromised from a zero day exploit and the service is ran with that permission? the entire...
  4. Issues upgrading, no longer able to run Teamspeak server as a service


    I've been using a very old version of the server and today i was forced to patch because clients are no longer able to connect.

    I want to know what way you can run the new teamspeak as a...
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    [Resolved] Create 2 servers on 1 machine, Need license?


    I want to host 2 teamspeaks simultaneously on one machine, however i get stuck in serverquery.

    error id=0 msg=ok (15 ms)
    error id=2816 msg=virtualserver\slimit\sreached (47 ms)
  6. Latest release of teamspeak (3.0.6 QT V 4.7.2) cannot play custom wav files.


    I've always used the ventrilo sound for on / off mic events, but since this latest patch the teamspeak client cannot play any wav files that doesn't come natively with teamspeak.

    It's not a...
  7. [Resolved] solved it, for some reason i had to add [info]...

    solved it, for some reason i had to add
    name = Sounds deactivated
    version = 1.0
    author = TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    readonly = 1

    # General Sounds
  8. [Resolved] Updated today to 3.0.1 Build 15001 - Own client plays mic clicks NOT WORKING ANYMORE!


    I want the feature own client plays mic clicks, but since updating it is completely silent, i've tried most things (rebooting etc) and checked the ../sound folder.

    What the hell? What is...
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