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  1. Same. Like he said though, they're busy so it'll...

    Same. Like he said though, they're busy so it'll take a while. I'm sure we'll be approved/denied soon!
  2. [Plugin Approval] How long does this take?

    Just curious to how long this takes? I'm not too fussy, but I haven't uploaded before so I was curious what the average is?
  3. [Resolved] Server Installation Issues (CentOS)

    Fairly new to CentOS and command lines. Well, it's been a long time anyway.

    I've installed TeamSpeak and I had it run fine the first time. However, I am now getting this error every time I try to...
  4. [Not possible] [Group Permissions][HELP]Stop Multiple Group Giving

    I have had this issue for a while now, where super admins (third highest rank on my server) are able to give themselves every rank lower than what they are. Obviously, this is fine as they need to...
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    Channel Permissions


    I was basically wondering if it is possible to prevent people with permissions from moving others into client limited channels? For example, if there were 5/5 people in a channel, a super...
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