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  1. Still problems

    Not sure why this was merged when the answer isn't in the post? I've looked through each post and the reason for merge doesn't help?

    I connect with the LAN IP/Localhost (Connected both ways), but...
  2. TS3 server only works for localhost

    Hi there.

    I'm trying to make a TS3 server on my windows virtual machine. I am able to connect via localhost, but when I return to my normal machine, I try to connect via the ip that displays on...
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    I checked the logs and this is the sort of stuff...

    I checked the logs and this is the sort of stuff I see...

    2014-09-16 18:50:13.613468|WARNING |FileTransfer | 1| Failed to remove files\virtualserver_1\internal\icons\icon_2849359603

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    Cant upload icons to server

    So I am server admin and when I click the icon I want to upload, nothing happens. I double click it and the window goes as though I've added it but nothing happens. The icon doesnt show up in the...
  5. TS3 Server opens, then closes straight away -HELP NEEDED ASAP


    As of today, my teamspeak server isn't working properly. I double click the server to load it and click ok when the window comes up. It shows bottom right for less than 1 second, then...
  6. [Resolved] Please can someone give a step by step tutorial? ...

    Please can someone give a step by step tutorial?
    People can connect to my server, but it just wont let me change icons. DO i need to change the connecting port?
  7. [Resolved] I get this error etc... Transfer...

    I get this error etc...
    <22:24:40> Transfer "icon_1757502162" reports: (could not open file transfer connection)
    <22:24:40> Transfer "icon_1807044225" reports: (could not open file transfer...
  8. [Resolved] icon problems

    Hello, I try to add custom icons i downloaded (from the teamspeak download pages).
    Here is the step i do
    Permissions -> Server Groups -> Server admin -> Drop down arrow on Icon image (Top right) ->...
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