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    How to create new channel on SDK server?

    What function can be used on SDK server to create new channel without using clients?

    For example: preparation channels for future clients.

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    TeamSpeak3 access violation

    My aim for now is creating team speak 3 manager service (that switches the users by channels an others):
    So I created wrapper of TS3 SDK lib (wrapped with Cython for Python):...
  3. Thanks a lot! I just used wrong folder... But I...

    Thanks a lot! I just used wrong folder...
    But I have another problem. Can you help with this?...
  4. I used next cython code: def connect(self,...

    I used next cython code:

    def connect(self, char* name):
    print(self.connection_handler_id, self.connection_identity, self.ip, self.port, name)
    cdef int err =...
  5. Could not load "ts3soundbackend_isSupported" from backend dynamic library

    I used standard library function to spawn new team speak connection:

    err = ts3client_initClientLib(&callbacks, NULL, 1, "D:/tslog/2", "D:/UNREAL/ServerManager/TeamSpeak3/")

    But got 'undefined...
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    I can hear only myself

    Hello TeamSpeakTeam!

    I used UE4 SDK in my project. And today I tested voice between three users.
    But us not heared each other (me and second user heared only ourselves and third user not heared...
  7. [Not possible] What I'm doing wrong? I use the server with 50...

    What I'm doing wrong? I use the server with 50 slots, and I want connect to this server with my SDK client. SDK client and this server incompatible? What now?
  8. [Not possible] TeamSpeak error: failed connection initialization

    I using TeamSpeak as module in UE4.
    And also I used server from

    So I call the
    ts_lib->TeamSpeak_startConnection(ConnectionHandlerID, ID, "", 10024,...
  9. Creating new channel kills previous channel in server

    I want to create two channels in server, but if I will do it, previous channel will removed (I used flushChannelCreation).
    How to avoid?

    Server log:

  10. I'll try this. Thanks. --- In UE4 editor to...

    I'll try this. Thanks.

    In UE4 editor to speedup the developing, multiple windows may be launched by clicking "Play" window, all these windows runs in one process and in one thread. Appearenly...
  11. Access violation at ts3client_win64.dll ( ts3client_startConnection )

    Hello, dears TeamSpeakTeam! :)

    I came here again to post strange unhandled exception error message with details!

    Just look at screenshot. I want to connect to server with channel Lobby as canna...
  12. Hello, Chris! Thank you for fast answer! In...

    Hello, Chris!
    Thank you for fast answer!

    In my case I got returned value: D:\Projects\<project_name>\ThirdParty
    But I want to get next value:...
  13. Hi, Chris! This function returns the...

    Hi, Chris!

    This function returns the ThirdParty path of backends in main project directory. I think this is not good idea. Function should return ThirdParty path of Plugin directory (this...
  14. Unreal Engine 4 plugin, device not registered/known


    I specified full path of team speak 3 sound backends to function:

    UTeamSpeakFunctionLibrary::TeamSpeak_initClientLib(ETeamSpeak_LogTypes::LogType_FILE, log_folder, res, error);

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