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    query_ip_whitelist on multiple teamspeak servers?

    I have the famous php framwork for TS running on my website and in order to render the rooms/clients viewer list, that framwork, as you know, sends serverquery requests to the TS server. This TS server is hosted by a hosting house. When the framework tries to render the list, it returns me a flood ban. As I know, it can depend on the IP that isn't in the serverquery whitelist.. So i tried to contact my TS-hosting house and i asked to add it. They answered that they can't do that cause they are running multiple TS servers on the same environment (i think virtual servers) and if they will add my IP into the whitelist, it will affect all TS servers..

    So at this point, tell me the truth!

    1. Is that possible? the whitelist affects all the servers?
    2. Which is the possible security vulnerability about that?!
    3. As I know, all TS hosting houses can add IP to the whitelist.. as i remember my old TS had the same problem and i just sent a support ticked and they did it.
    4. Any suggestion?!

    Sorry for my english..

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    1. The white and blacklists affect the query interface, which is instance wide, so in that way yes it affects all virtual servers in that instance.
    2. One of the issues that arise from that is that you can do whatever permissions allow you on any of these servers (which you can already), the difference is that now, you get kicked / banned if you overdo it ie. spam commands. With the IP whitelisted you won't have that limitation which might concern them. You still shouldn't be able to do anything too bad but better safe than sorry.
    3. Each hoster has its own policies.
    4. Make sure to not send too many commands to the query in a too short amount of time.
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    If I were you, I'd use a VPN tunnel between your web and TS servers and wrap all requests to the query console under it's protection. That not only let you use encryption, but would also let you avoid flood check, as the established VPN connection will lie deep under the flood filters of new connections.
    This is only possible if you host TS server yourself, on a VPS of something, of course.
    Another idea is to not hammer query console with each page request, but put a cron job to pull data from remote service and store it in local cache, readily available for web pages to display without delay or overhead.

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    Maybe the Hoster increases the flood ban settings on your server.
    That's possible on just your server and should solve your problem without a whitelist entry.

    best regards Thomas

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