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    TS3 server/client not shore where is problem

    Hello i will tell my story so if someone know how to solve this i will be grateful
    yesterday come one guy to my TS3 server and told me that he will hack me to crash my TS3 and that happens
    idk how he did it (i think maybe whit sound playing i heard some noise in cca 500miliseconds like high frequency sound)
    after this i cannot connect to my own ts3 server but can to different same as my friend what being in same room
    and i ask other users to try to connect which is not being i room whit us and all is okay... Thanks

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    Cool Story...

    Nothing we can do without some technical information.
    Can you provide logs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hnd11 View Post
    Cool Story...

    Nothing we can do without some technical information.
    Can you provide logs?
    hmm okay first problem this is client problem i solvate problem whit disabling chat loging
    so problem is how to get chat log? to can report this to ts3 stuff ?

    how this crash message lock in chat
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    Update to the latest TeamSpeak client version and you should be fine. See Help -> Check for updates.
    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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