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    Specific user notification

    I was curious if there is a add on / program that I can implement causing TS3 to poke/notify me when certain members log in. I partly manage a large clan and am always needing to speak with certain members but often I miss them because im in another channel or in game and not monitoring TS. obviously if I could have multiple names on this list it would be better but even single names would be helpful.

    thank you in advance

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    The JTS3 Bot ist able to do that.

    best regards Thomas

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    That's like saying you need Photoshop to draw a line on a jpeg. Ridiculous overkill.

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    is there a way to accomplish this without placing bots or so on? I don't have admin access to edit TS3. hoping for something more client side

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    This can be done with a plugin or (probably easier) Lua script. Limitation being that it will only work if you are subscribed to the channel in which the people you're looking for are connecting to / located in.
    In other words, it won't work if they connect to a channel which you cannot subscribe to and thus don't know who is inside those channels. For general channels it will work fine.
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