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    Can't connect to server

    I have had this server up for a month or two now and all of a sudden i cant get the server online i can see it in the list connect via localhost, but all else fails... i have a static ip and p.f. everything as it should be... only thing is that the ip that i have now is different than the one it used to have. any ideas of what has happend and how to fix it?

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    Are you getting some error in server log?
    Do you have NPL license? No license? Is it rented server?
    Do you mind adding some normaly expected details? So far you said such generic things that tell me nothing expect one user having problem with some version of ts3server on some version of windows behind some modem, with supposingly correctly configured PF.
    No screenshots, no details, no logs, nothing.
    Right now, it could be
    - NPL license for different IP
    - change in your LAN ips
    - provider denies port 9987 now
    - someone changed settings on your modem/router
    - another oo possible options.

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    The server isnt rented and i dont think i have had a license at all.
    im running windows 8.1 64 bit
    Team speak version
    the only person that manages the connection is me, i checked the ip and made sure i tried to connect to the correct one.
    Tried a fresh server and still getting this
    "<21:11:27> Trying to resolve hostname localhost
    <21:11:28> Trying to connect to server on localhost
    <21:11:33> Failed to connect to server
    <21:12:06> Trying to resolve hostname localhost
    <21:12:07> Trying to connect to server on localhost
    <21:12:07> Welcome to TeamSpeak, check for latest information
    <21:12:07> Connected to Server: "TeamSpeak ]I[ Server"
    <21:12:15> "Featherdassasin" was added to server group "Server Admin" by "TeamSpeak ]I[ Server".
    <21:17:38> Disconnected from server
    <21:17:38> Trying to connect to server on
    <21:17:43> Failed to connect to server"
    This computer that im running the server is set in the dmz with a static private ip at

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    cmon guys no help at all?

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    I tried it few minutes ago, and I can't connect. Assuming your internet IP haven't changed since you posted it.

    - firewall on your pc
    - antivirus might have build in firewall
    - portforwarding rules
    - modem/router logs, if you have some in your device

    Problem with connecting to localhost is that it is almost always allowed. Therefore there might still be a firewall on your pc holding others.
    You are in windows section, just note, that windows firewall aside rule that is allowing a connection also have a setting in that rule saying from which networks someone can connect. in other words from which networks the rule will be valid.
    You said it but check again that pc IP and portforwarding on modem, I've had some users before where their pc( IP changed for some reason.

    Have you read sticky thread? You are not giving that much info...

    And to note one other posibility might be that your provider is blocking it.
    Can you connect to your server using from another pc in your home lan?

    And as always if you find the problem and solve it, don't forget to share giving this forum/me an update of most common pitfails ;-)

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