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    Creating A temporary Server Group

    I realise this is quite back to front from the usual questions but I want to create a temporary group for my users just for their fun. However I have un-ticked group is permanent from the permissions list but it wont remove it from me when I log out and back into the server. Why is it not removing the rank after they have logged out?

    I used "Group Will Be Set as Normal" on the normal create permissions then went to advanced to remove the group is permanent.

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    i've actually no idea, how the basic permission system works. I don't know what you mean with "Group Will Be Set as Normal".

    But if you remove the "b_group_is_permanent" permission from the group using the advanced permissions system, is should work.

    What if you try to create the temporary group without using the basic permission system?

    Best regards

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    It has been awhile since i last used the basic permission system. I recall the Ts3 by default has 3 servergroups:
    Server Admin, Normal and Guest. "Group Will Be Set as Normal" afaik, is the same as cloning the Normal servergroup.

    Unticking the b_group_is_permanent permission should have worked and should in fact remove the servergroup from the user upon quitting ts3. The only case that i recall the group wont be removed is in the case of the group being set as the Default Servergroup, and i believe that will only happen where there is no other Servergroup attached...


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