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Thread: SRV Records

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    If you want people to use then you'd have to use the former since the latter specifies the SRV record on the main domain and ppl would have to use to connect. Note though that you'll have to specify an FQDN (that has an A record) for the target, not an IP address.
    So you mean something like this in addiction to the others 14400 IN A XXX.XXX.XXX.XX

    i cant set for example 14400 IN A under Cpanel Adanced Zone Editor DNS

    or 14400 IN CNAME

    i have tryed the first one above for a couple of hours and didn't be able to resolve hostname when trying to connect
    i will try the second one above for 1 or 2 days and see if it works

    Im currently using the first one as you indicated.

    Thanks for giving help

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    Code: 86400 IN A (this should already exist anyway) 86400 IN SRV 5 5 9999
                                                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  A Record of the server running the TeamSpeak server (e.g. address given to you by your TS3 Service provider or if you host it yourself on this machine)
                ^ subdomain                     ^ port used by TS3 server

    If the TS3 server is running on and your provider did only give you that IP address as opposed to a name then you could do:
    Code: 86400 IN A 86400 IN SRV 5 5 8544 86400 IN SRV 5 5 8544
    and people could use either (the 2nd last line) or (last line) to connect to your server.
    The first line is referenced by the other two and is required because you have to have an A record as target of the SRV record. It simply gives a name to the IP address of your TS3 server.
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    Having an issue

    Sorry to bring up an old thread. I have included a picture below of my DNS records

    I am trying to connect to my teamspeak on port 9988 with

    When I try and connect using it connects me to the teamspeak on port 9987 which i obviously don't want.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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