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    Channels are not enforcing the needed join powers, help!

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to set up my channels and groups so that different groups can access only certain channels.

    Right now teamspeak is not recognizing the Needed Join permission for any channels. Even guests, with join power of 0, are able to join any channel they want, even if the channel is set to require a join power of 50.

    I can remove the permissions for guests to join channels, and use channel groups to allow access to the various channels, but that is a huge pain. For example if I have a moderator that I would like to have access to all channels, I would need to assign him a channel group for each channel! I should be able to just have his server group with a join power equal to or higher than all the channels required join, right?

    What am I doing wrong here that the channels are not enforcing their needed join powers? Right now with server groups it is all or nothing, either they can join channels and everything is open to them, or they cant join anything without belonging to all the channel groups as well.

    thanks in advance, this is extremely frustrating.

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    make sure that your server groups don't have the Skip column checked for the needed_join_power and that the groups also do not have b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions set.

    And yes, for users that are supposed to enter all channels a server group is the way to go. Same for clients that should be able to enter all channels up to a certain join power.
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