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    Overwolf & TeamSpeak Development Competition

    In continuation with our partnership with Overwolf, we are launching an exciting new app development competition!

    The name of the game is to make new apps for TeamSpeak, using the new Overwolf SDK 2.0. Examples include an avatar that updates your play time for games, or an app that changes your channel without needing to open the full TeamSpeak window. Anything goes and the sky's the limit, only your imagination and creativeness can stop you.

    We have a prize pool of $10,000 for developers to contend over in making the next best apps for Overwolf & TeamSpeak, using the new Overwolf Developer Kit. If you know how to develop apps or create Chrome extensions then you should participate. If you know people who develop, let them know.

    Already developed a TeamSpeak addon? Great! Now you can easily add an overlay feature to it!

    Registration is already open. The competition starts on July 1st 2014 and ends on August 9th 2014, 23:59 CEST. For more details and the registration page, head over to the official competition page.

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    Very smart. Nice way to try and make overwolf more valuable to people and in turn make you more valuable to overwolf. Win-win. Who knows, I may even use it if there ends up being some extra-purpose that makes it useful to me.

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    Thats marketing. Many companys do such stuff.
    Besides, you should take part - and if you win, you can pay TS the money back to have some of your weird (and rejected)
    suggestions built in anyway

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    The apps would be integrated into Overwolf for TeamSpeak.

    But yea, you should take part. You might win =)

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    Typo: August 16th supposed to be Sept. 16th?

    Quote Originally Posted by
    No fees or purchases are required to participate. Any submissions past the due date will be excluded from the contest. Winners will be determined by a panel of judges selected by Overwolf and Teamspeak. The winners will be contacted by email on August 16th and will have 72 hours to confirm their prize. If no confirmation is received, new winners will be selected. Overwolf is responsible for shipment of the prizes only. All additional fees that might be required by local law are not included.

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    This contest is now over.

    Congratulations to the winners of the TeamSpeak & Guild Wars 2 App Dev Contest!

    The winners are:

    First Place
    Prefrontal Cortex - WvW Rush Box

    Second Place
    Redeemer - YaTQA

    Third Place
    meh - WUV WUV WUV

    Guild Wars 2 Category
    Prefrontal Cortex - WvW Rush Box

    There were so many apps to pick from and everyone who submitted did an amazing job! We had a very hard time picking the best and everyone should be very proud of themselves.

    Check out the winners landing page here!

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