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    Poke back script

    For some reason, this does not seem to be working. I want it to auto poke people back when they poke me.

    local function onClientPokeEvent(serverConnectionHandlerID, pokerID, pokerName, message, ffIgnored)
    	local pokemenot = "Don't poke me  " .. pokerName .. "..."
        ts3.requestClientPoke(serverConnectionHandlerID, pokerID, pokemenot)
    Any suggestions?

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    did you register the event?

    -- rename your local function to "localOnClientPokeEvent" or something
    -- put this code somewhere after the definition of your function
    local registeredEvents = {
       onClientPokeEvent= localOnClientPokeEvent
    ts3RegisterModule(MODULE_NAME, registeredEvents)
    did you enable your module in the lua plugin preferences?

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    April 2014
    Yes, here is my init.lua

    local MODULE_NAME = "PokeAuto"
    local registeredEvents = {
    	onClientPokeEvent = PokeAuto_events.onClientPokeEvent
    ts3RegisterModule(MODULE_NAME, registeredEvents)

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