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    Client does not uninstall QT5 files

    There is a general problem with the updater; at least it was until 3.0.14: The updater does not register additional files to the Windows installer database.

    If you updated your client for some years regularly with the internal updater, new files like the QT5 libraries are installed on your system. I you now deinstall the Teamspeak client, Windows Installer will not remove these files, because they were not installed in the initial release but came on your system through the internal updater. You are left with many orphaned files.

    If a user deinstalls the Teamspeak client with the intention to reinstall it afterwards to get a clean installation, he actually installs into a directory that already contains these orphaned files, so it is not really a clean reinstall.

    I did not try the 3.0.15 beta, but please ensure that the 3.0.15 updater does not exhibit this behaviour. Other software that has an internal updater downloads a complete msi package, that upon install first removes the old client with Windows Installer methods and then installs the new client. This way, the deinstaller always removes every file that is associated with the Teamspeak client and no orphans left.
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    The updater is not the problem here.
    We register files only during the install routine (as you already said).
    This routine does not know the files, that will be added in the future.

    The only workaround for this situation is to install the latest client with our installer.
    This is a known behavior and will not be changed from us.
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