Hi All,

I have been using teamspeak 3 server for a while now and have a few issues with certain things which I would like to know the possibility of changing?

1. Logging on Linux creates a new log file each time the server is restarted this is very annoying when you have an issue that requires multiple restarts, could I suggest that you add a feature for log rotation in the ts3server.ini file e.g.
logrotation=0 (stays as is)
logrotation=1 (rotates each day)
logrotation=7 (rotates every 7 days)

This way we have some more control over the server logs.

2. More granular logging of changes made in teamspeak, when looking at the server log in teamspeak client it shows that a channel was edited and who by but not what was changed. we would like to know what has been changed e.g. channel delete permission changed from 65 to 75 by user xxx