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    Can Sub-channels inherit channel permissions?

    Can Sub-channels inherit Needed Join Power?

    If yes how

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    No. Unless you set it for each subchannel.
    Or change servergroups which is bad idea.

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    subchannels group inheritance


    With regular settings, does a subchannel inherit permissions automaticaly from channel superior?

    For example :

    Channel 1 => modify/delete/subscribe etc needed power 50
    I create a Subchannel => I want it to have the same values

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    Sorry, but channel permissions can not be inherited to sub-channels. The default needed delete power of a channel is equal to the delete power of the client who created the channel.

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    Subchannel inheritment

    Hi guys,
    I'm looking for a way to make Subchannels inherite the joinpower of the parent channel automaticly.

    Would be great if there were a possibility.

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