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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Update to Ban system to allow restrictions on channel names

    I really like the regular expression support for name bans. Sadly there is no way to apply these to channel names also without managing a separate list that a bot accesses and deletes the channels after they were created (so the name still existed for a moment and is in user's server tab of events). Odds are that if an admin does not want a user having a name on a public server they also do not what a channel with that name. What I suggest to greatly enhance preventing unwanted names (nick or channel) is to add a "Apply Name restriction to new channel names" checkbox under the "Interpret IP/Name as:" control in the Add Ban window. When a user attempts to create a channel have an extra little step in the name validation to call on the ban check with the channel name and the user's UID or DBID, if user does not have ignore bans process the channel name against all name bans with the "Apply Name restriction to new channel names" option set. If it gets a hit, return a value that prevents the channel from getting created and use the ban reason as the error message.

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    +1 good suggestion

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    Good thing for people who would like to stop people from advertising other servers. But I'm not sure if adding that to the user ban list makes sense from an application design perspective...

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