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    Granting Talk Power in specific Channels. Need Specific Access.


    I was wondering if this was possible.

    In Channel A people need 80 talk power to grant talk power to anyone.
    In Channel B people need 100 talk power to grant talk power to anyone.

    If User A has 80 grant talk power permission he can only grant talk power in channel A but not in channel B.

    Current Issue:
    User A has a checkmark on Grant Talk Power and 80 Grant. He can grant talk power in both channel A and B.

    How do I prevent User A from granting talk power to channel B but not A?

    I am aware you can set when entering you have talk power. But I am currently seeking a way by granting talk power and limiting how much you can give. Another issue I had was server channels ignore password if you guys can give me suggestion on that too. One solution I thought about was taking away everyone talk power in server group and making it available in channel group. I prefer not going with that step.

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    What you seek is not possible, you either can give talk power or you cannot. The person will always receive talk power high enough to be able to talk with the current needed_talk_power of the channel.

    You can however limit in which channels people can give out talk power, by giving hat permission through a channel group and then only give the respective people that group in those channels in which they should be able to give out talk power.
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