hello forum,

i really anger with TS3 if i use any Bohemia Interactive-made serverbrowser. i own ARMA II, ARMA III and DayZ Standalone. its the same prob with all 3 games.
if i start to browse for any server i incur a time out. connecting to a server mostly takes about one minute overall. in this period i use to dis/reconnect up to 4 times. its hard for my ts-mates to bear this accoustic fireworks every time we join a server together.

the curios about my TS/Bohemia experience is that i had exactly the same problem with my old pc in another district. when I bought my new pc, ARMA3 was the first game i bought. when i used to run it for the first time with mates in teamspeak, i reallized that this problem doesnt care about my new initial situation. i was so frustrated that I nearly even dissolved me into air. i need to stop this. i dont know how... help pls

for information: the error does not occur in any other programm. i got a 5k line.
windows 7 64Bit - 3,40GHz - 8GB RAM Nvidia GTX 770

this issue accompanied me for so long. if someone has an idea how he could help me.... i am grateful for any hint.

thx for reading and backing!