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    Question Help Requested! Recovering Accsess key and Web Interface (Ts3)

    Hi There.

    First of all i would like to say i have search all day for answers to my question and i am unable to come up with more than people linking back to answers to different questions. so while i thank you in advance for Help I ask since i have taken the time to give you all the info i have. i would like to ask that you read all. sorry if that sounded off, i don't often post for help because it can cause more problems seeing what info is correct.
    This is the info i have found most useful all of this has been looked at and does NOT solve my problem.

    Edit: Also Read and Followed This- ( not a Fix)[/SIZE]

    Can anyone tell me how to generate a new Privlige key to Grant my self Admin accses. I Started my server after adjusting the default groups in the Virtual sever and found i was no longer and Server admin.

    I know i can Remove my Install and start over but all of my settings and ect will be gone. i would Prefer to know how to get a key via alternate means.
    I have my user and password
    I have the server running on my PC tho i will be running it on my server box when its back.

    For Team speak 2 and when TS 3 first came out there was a web interface built in.- I know from reading alot of posts most things can be done from the client with permissions but i would like to know if anyone knows of a admin tool that don't require it being on a WEBSERVER.- i have found 4 so far that do what i wanted. each require me setting up a webserver.- I'm not sure how the Ts2 interface worked but i will assume its not that hard to have a page that looks at the configs & databases and work from it.
    Please excuse my syn text and getting to the point but i don't like to "butter up"

    Thanks for all Help in adv. and Please know if you notice Grammar and Spelling Mistakes You should know your a better at English than me!! :D
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    1. Remove bogus decorations from your post.
    2. Do a search instead of claiming that you did. I can't believe you were unable to find a sticky thread in this very forum.

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    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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