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    Exclamation Need help REALLY fast!

    Hi there, probably my first thread here. I got a TeamSpeak server with 512 slots running for serval game clans/groups. But the server is down for some reason I can't find out myself.. I don't know what to do.

    Someone has set up this server for me and it was always running perfect for almost 1 year now. I really need help as fast as possible trough Teamviewer!

    Server is running on a VPS, which is online, I can connect to Filezilla.. but that's all, I tried putty but doesn't give an answer... watched the log and I saw this:

    2014-07-01 00:52:52.359275|INFO |VirtualServerBase| 1| client disconnected 'SobreVivir'(id:3533) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'
    2014-07-01 00:55:09.697501|INFO |VirtualServerBase| 1| client disconnected 'Concluzion-'(id:3137) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'
    2014-07-01 07:38:46.156470|INFO |VirtualServerBase| 1| client connected 'hackeRRRR-'(id:2617) from ---------

    2014-07-01 08:37:48.660536|INFO |VirtualServerBase| 1| client disconnected 'hackeRRRR-'(id:2617) reason 'reasonmsg=Server Shutdown!'
    2014-07-01 08:37:48.662319|INFO |VirtualServerBase| 1| client disconnected 'SS-Code127'(id:3343) reason 'reasonmsg=Server Shutdown!'
    2014-07-01 08:37:48.662610|INFO |VirtualServerBase| 1| client disconnected 'filipino80pt'(id:3238) reason 'reasonmsg=Server Shutdown!'
    2014-07-01 08:37:50.665890|DEVELOP |VirtualServerBase| 1| After 2 seconds there were still 3Clients connected

    Is someone willing to help me now?

    Thanks in advance!!

    Kind regards
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    Per NPL license terms You're nort allowed to host servers for someone else.
    You may only use it for yourself/your community. "Several groups" devinitely violate the license terms.

    Also, this and this.

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