Hello all. Does Teamspeak become laggy and glitchy randomly sometimes, and is it across all servers or just specific hosts? It's doing this in my Multiplay Teamspeak server when only 3 people are connected and talking. I was having the same problem a day before on a different server called Tartarus Realms (ts.tartarusrealms.com).

In my server it wasn't too bad but one of the guys I was playing with said it was unbearable, couldn't make out what was being said in my server.

The day before when I was in the Tartarus Realms server one guy was breaking up and jittering like crazy, but the other guy was fine. So the issue seems to be random with who is experiencing it and changes from person to person.

Here a clip with the sound I am referring to for reference:


Could it be caused by people not updating their Teamspeak client version (I recently had the Teamspeak program telling me to update to 3.0.15 but I declined to update)?

I'm not sure if it's caused by the "Voice Volume Adjustment" and "Sound Pack Volume" sliders in the playback options menu, as the audio stutters don't last forever.

I'm playing DayZ when using Teamspeak, if that matters.