I have created an application using the TS3 SDK where I have multiple server connections in one application. The requirement is for the application to essentially act as an audio injection station and monitor. Basically I need to hear all of the sound from a set of channels all of the time. It is not required to be able to distinguish what audio is coming from where just that it is all heard. In addition I need to be able to broadcast custom sound files to individual channels to simulate speaking on those channels.

My thought was for every server connection to open and use the default playback device, in this case head phones, and to each open up a custom capture device to use to do the audio injection. My question is basically is this possible? Can I have multiple server connections in one application and share a playback device and use a slew of custom capture devices? So far once I open a custom capture device and then try to open the default playback device things crash on me.

The only time I've been able to get anything to even partially work is by having all connections use default playback and capture but then it seems like only the last connection to open them can use them. That is why I thought maybe custom capture device for each connection might work.

Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated.