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    Global Server List including Simple REST API

    Hi folks!

    After several years of deliberation (laziness), we decided that Planet TeamSpeak should return and claim its rightful place as a world leader of TeamSpeak community websites… well… that’s enough rambling for now. Anyway... while alot of the site is still under construction, there's some cool stuff I'd like to announce:

    Thanks to some help of our good friends at TeamSpeak, we were able to build a site where you can browse the entire official list of TS3 Servers worldwide. This list is filled with the exact same data you’ll get within your TS3 Client and contains all voice servers that have server list reporting enabled. Enabling this option – if you haven’t already – will not only add your server to our website... it will also allow us to monitor the status of your server on a regular basis and create usage statistics for you. Check our server as an example:

    All usage data is stored up to one month. There is no need to register or download any piece of software to make all of this work. Simply enable the server list reporting option on your TeamSpeak 3 Server and take immediate advantage of our services.

    In addition, we provide an easy-to use REST API that allows you to gather status information about your server. As an example, the following resource URL will return a prepared JSON string that contains all the information you need to display the status of our TS3 Server on a website with some simple JavaScript code.
    Another exciting thing you can do as a premium user (requires a free registration) is embed a dynamic TS3 Server tree – aka TSViewer – that requires no server-side scripting language and no installation on your end. Our API does all the queries, sorts channels and clients and even downloads all the remote icons for you. In addition, the result is cached, so your TS3 Server is not getting hammered with requests.

    Here’s an implementation example:

    The jQuery plugin to display the TSViewer can be included from our CDN or downloaded from GitHub:

    Gone are the days where you had to fiddle around with PHP libraries just to add a simple “Server is online” to your site. We hope that you’ll like this as much as we do.

    Have fun using this stuff!

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