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    [QUESTION] List of Clients in Channel

    Hello there,

    I'am looking for a way to get a list of clients which are in a channel. This list should be able to be copied to Excel or Google-Docs. I would use it to see who is online and in our assembly are, when we have a meeting to plan our clan wars. We have meetings every day and we want to know who is participating in the CW, it would be great to get an easier way to create a list, which can be sorted in alphabetical order.
    One possibility I found was to copy the names in the TS-Viewer-Window, they can be sorted after this. This could be plan B, but I would prefer a smoother way, if there is one.
    Is there a command for the query I can use to get such a list, or maybe the possibility to write a script which would save the list of the clients?

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    clientlist will get you a list of connected clients, you'll have to filter that by channel yourself and sort it however you want afterwards.
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    server query to list all clients per channel

    Hi All,
    do you know if it is possible to query server to obtain client list per channel?
    Thanks in advanced
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