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    Thumbs down Mumble Server Support

    Considering that both TS3 and Mumble use the QT framework, surely considering Mumble is open-source there MUST be a way without it being EXTREMELY hard to allow for the TeamSpeak client to connect to Mumble servers. Mumble server mode would disable many client features and change the way the client communicates with the server for that tab, but overall I think this would be a really good idea. The more you support, the happier your audience. This would prevent TeamSpeak users from needing to download the Mumble client to use Mumble servers. If no one else wants to do it, can I join the dev team and work on it? I have QT experience and would think others may like this feature.

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    They are entirely different products. They may use the same decorating team but that does not change the architectural nature of the building to match the other.

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    I never said TeamSpeak should scrap their entire system to work with Mumble, I simply said for the sake of compatibility considering Mumble is 100% open source and provides the server/client in code, couldn't developers allow for some VERY basic Mumble server support? I know they're "entirely different products", but so is Windows and Linux, but it is still important that TeamSpeak works on those entirely different products. It is all about compatibility, sir. When you realize it would be better to have all your stuff in one place than all over the place, maybe you would agree with me and not think so negatively. This doesn't require TeamSpeak to 100% copy Mumble, only have support for Mumble servers which isn't impossible and in my opinion probably isn't extremely hard. It might be tedious and eat up some time, sure... but what the heck are TeamSpeak developers so busy with right now?

    No need to get grumpy sir. I'm a developer myself and would gladly make some type of plugin if the API engine was that extensive, unfortunately it is very limited and so I couldn't imagine where I would even begin with doing that unless I were to work quite heavily at reversing the TeamSpeak client in which case I would might as well reverse both the TeamSpeak client and server and just make a knock-off TeamSpeak entirely free and open source. I don't think the company behind TeamSpeak would like that though.
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