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    TeamSpeak 3 on Mac - Can't Replace Sound Files - Need Help

    So, I have TeamSpeak 3 on my Macbook Air. I'm trying to change the mic click sound. I know where to go to do it, I go to "Show Package Contents" > Contents > Shared Support > Sound > Default and Default Male. So I try to copy and paste my new files into that folder but I get a little grey circle with a line through it and it doesn't allow me to paste them into the TeamSpeak folder. I checked the permissions and they said "you can only read" - I tried changing it to also be able to write but it doesn't let me, even though I am the computer admin. If this makes any sense I hope someone can help me out.

    I pretty much just need a way to change it to be able to write in the folder also, which I think would help. I'm not the best with TeamSpeak on my laptop yet. :P

    I just wanna be able to have new mic click sounds on my Mac which I hope is possible. On my PC I'm able to do it and have done it many times.

    Thank you for taking the time to read, looking forward to some answers
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    *Problem Solved*

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