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    Make 1 channel where you cant move people to? Is it possible?

    Hello, Im wondering if its possible to have 1 channel which it is impossible for admins to move a normal user to.

    The problem is that on my server.
    We have a "I need help" section, where players can sit if they need help.
    When an admin is free they can be moved to one of different support rooms with the admin.

    Now the problem is. Admins are moving players into the admin channel which is annoying other admins, aswell as
    they can leave the server with the player still in there.

    So what Im asking is if its possible to make a change in my admin room so noone can move another player in there.

    After some time in the sun with the laptop I finally found one solution atleast, but dont know if its the most efficient one

    I used Channel Client Permissions, and choosed the channel, but had to use the unique ID for all the admins on the server,
    Then had to Go "Client > Admin" and change "Client move power" to 1 and "Needed client move power" to 75.

    So is this the only way or is there something which can be done more simple by making it for a whole server group?
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    What you want is preventing anyone to move someone to a specific channel.
    Now there is channel permissions which is perfect for this, however you'd need to strip admins of b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions, as otherwise they'll ignore the channel level permissions in which case the solution you used is the only one left.
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    Also make sure the skip flag for the permission: "Client move power" on the server group they get their admin from is not ticked, because you want a channel to be able to over-ride what is set on their server group, if you want to be sure people cannot be moved to that channel.

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