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    teamspeak doesn't pick up mic.

    So I decided to buy a headset adapter so I could get my headset working with my MacBook Pro, sadly teamspeak does not register that a headset is connected even so the system and every other voice-2-voice program does.

    The weird part though is that I can speak hear the sound in my headset, I can speak though the mic, but the sound isn't really good compared to audio play and the mic have this annoying noise like a form of echo + the mic somehow wants to play whatever sound is captured by other teamspeak users.

    Any ideas what may be wrong?

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    just a good advice: Try to give a little more information if you ask in a forum, otherwise you won't get many replies.

    In this case it makes sense to write what kind of headset connection/adapter you use.

    All MacBooks I know of, don't have a Mic input jack but just a "Line-In" (thats requires a strong-signal, not a mic)
    I assume with that "adapter" you refer to some kind of mini-USB-soundcard, to connect a regular headset with mic + headphone plug to your macbook?
    So that card would be visible in System Preferences, correct?
    Can you see the mic input indicator bar lighting up more than 50% there if you turn up the mic for that input?
    If so, TS should be able to use it, I'd say.
    You should be able to select the same input/card it in TS Capture Settings & test it so the mic indicator bar from TS is showing more than -10 or better 0 dB.


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