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    [HELP] Web based Channel Creator

    So I have been looking for a working Team Speak 3 Channel creator for like 2 days straight, finally I came across 2 that actually worked for me.
    One of them is: <- This worked perfectly for me, but it doesn't have the functions to limit created channels etc.. <- This is exactly what I want.

    ts3-chan and all the ones here either appeared to be working but didn't or it was just a 500 error page.

    Problem is that the Xuxe one kind of works, it does connect to the query, because it gets my unique ID from my IP.. But doesn't create the channel.
    I checked the github readme and he said PHP5 has full support, but not sure about PHP7..
    When I downgraded to php5 it started showing Oops, can't fetch user or something along those lines.. meaning it didn't even connect to the query.

    Currently have it on: and the teamspeak is:
    You can see that it does fetch the unique id, but doesn't create the channel.
    Could someone please try and fix this for me or somehow guide me ? I couldn't thank you enough.

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    Web-based channel create script

    Hello, since yesterday I'm trying to find a php script for creating channels. Something like a form that in which user would put his id, name, password and it would create a channel for him. I've found some, but no one really works..
    If someone uses some script of this kind, please send me a link, thanks

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    Xuxe's script

    I've got php 7.1 on Ubuntu 16, and Xuxe's Channel creator show me the error "Whoops", and the other doesn't do anything..

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