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    Lightbulb [Release] XBOX 360 Controller buttons Push To Talk

    I just made a plugin that allows you to bind a button or combination of buttons of xbox controller, "How to" is in the description of the plugin itself. I literaly just made it, and have only testet it on 64bit client, 32bit version should also work AFAIK (my freind confirmed it fires up, but he have no 360 controller to test it out).

    If there will be any problems I will try to help/fix, but I don't really promise nothing. I made this plugin mainly for myself, and it works so far. If TS3 should handle xbox controller by default then it doesn't for me and I may just be silly to put this plugin there, but any way, it exists - maybe someone find this handy.


    Quote Originally Posted by !!!Important!!!
    Plugin depends on xinput1_3.dll, the file is contained by some redistributables. If you have DirectX installed it should be enough.

    v1.2: (Tested for 64bit, Not tested yet for 32bits, I appreciate feedback on if it works or not)
    - recompiled for API 21

    - added support for GUIDE button (xbox logo button in the middle of the controller, between back and start button)
    - fixed some code so there won't be potential freezes

    - first version of the plugin.
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    The Xbox 360 Controller can be used already for PTT and other Hotkey feature.
    I wonder, what is the advantage compared to the normal hotkey system?
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    As I said, th built in feature of setting a controller button as a PTT hotkey doesn't work for me, and when I was looking for a solution I saw people are useing thirdparty drivers for their xbox 360 controllers to change behaviour of button to act like keyboard key.

    I don't know how built in feature works, cause It doesn't work for me at all, so I can't really tell why mine is better.

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    Thanks for this, works great. My 360 buttons didn't work before this and now it does!

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