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    [Beta Channel] TeamSpeak 3 Client

    This is a hotfix release to fix some crashes and issues with the client not responding in response to some malicious Text messages being sent to clients.

    Full changelog can be found below as usual.
    === Client Release 14 Jul 2014
    - Fixed possible client freeze with url tags.
    - Fixed possible client freeze with huge images.
    - Images (both remote and ts3image) with width or height > 4000 px are now
      refused and no longer displayed in the channel description.
    - Magnet urls are now allowed.
    - Adjustments to teamspeak control plugin for better Overwolf compatibility.

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    Noticed some images used on the community server not working with this beta that work fine with 3.0.15. They are not over the posted size limit. (shows in stable client, not the beta or in web browser, maybe URL error, but is cached on one system)
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    1. Where is used?
    Can't see it and do not get any error in my client log.

    I used the flag in a channel and it was loaded and shown.
    Edit end

    About ->

    I wonder why you report, when your web browser already shows an error
    That's no error from client. It works as long it is loaded from your local cache.

    Client Log:
    14.07.2014 23:11:31 Info Failed to download remote image: Error downloading - server replied: Not Found 203

    And my web browser shows 404 Not Found
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