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    [Perl] Idle Timer: Display how long they've been AFK, without moving or kicking them.

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    This mod allows you to see who is idle without having to kick or move anyone. This is a much more passive idle system than all the ones I've seen.

    How it works is anyone who has been idle for x minutes will be put in a Server Group with the time they've been Idle. The server group will be updated with their current idle time, until they come back, at which point they will be removed from the group.

    If someone leaves the server, the group is deleted. If they are removed from the group, the group is deleted and a new one is made, and they will be added to it. Groups are identified by their sortid. The default is 91115, a reasonably large number that I'm sure no one uses. Most of this can be tweaked in either the file settings, or the command line.

    Note: I've only tested this on Ubuntu and Windows with a small server.

    Update v1.1

    Update v1.06
    • Moved the settings to a cfg file
    • Added the variable "SlowDown" so users can slowdown the execution of the script (complaints of lagging large servers with hundreds of players)
    • Fixed an error when no client information was received from the players.

    Update v1.05
    • Fixed an issue where people with the exact same idle time would cause group name conflicts
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    Last edited by Jack the Smack; January 22nd, 2016 at 01:05 PM. Reason: Patched 1.05

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    I moved this to Github if anyone wants to keep up to date with it.

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