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    Is it possible to force the server to implement DB changes without a reboot?

    I'm working on trying to integrate Teamspeak into our existing IT stuff so that clan members can activate their own TS accounts through our website (and have their access zapped later on if their account verification fails) so i've setup a test server running TS3 & MySQL.

    Making changes to the SQL database is easy enough as its all fairly straightforward but unfortunately DB changes aren't implemented until the TS server is rebooted. Google hasnt really provided me answer so im wondering; Is there a way to make the TS server update itself to whatever changes I've made in the DB without rebooting? (since rebooting the server every time a cron job adjusts user groups isnt really an option)

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    That's because Teamspeak doesn't use the database as live storage... it is simple the kind of long term storage. So the database in effect is only read when the server starts... all active, chaning data are keep live in the server.

    Also it is not supported to write to the database.

    Use SQ...

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    As Barungar said, its not supported to edit the DB directly, besides it can corrupt it.
    Use Serverquery (maybe over a bot or the TS-Framework) for this.

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