Hi there all,

Recently I got a new wi-fi extender due to my house's layout and the fact that I cannot run an ethernet cable from the router to my desktop, I simply run one from the extender to my tower. Before installing this, I had many issues with these very brief freezes/ping spikes. You can see what i'm talking about in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gs4cuk6NdQ Now when I went to test my new extender I was no longer experiencing this issue in-game. However, I am still experiencing packet loss issues with my teamspeak client. I seem to always have high packet loss which can range from 0%-15% or even higher sometimes. Below is an example of what i'm experiencing:


Now my ping is fine and never shows any issues of spiking yet my packet loss seems to keep rising and becoming an issue. I am honestly quite lost and do not know why this is doing this.