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    Can't connect today or yesterday

    I'm running a teamspeak 3 server on a windows 7 32 bit system.

    Iv'e been running this server for about 3-1/2 years without any problem. Yesterday my friends and I were not able to connect. I have checked all the settings I know to check on the router and they are all correct. I can find no firewall blocks.

    The one thing I do see is that when going to WAN IP request the IP number no longer appears

    Any ideas?

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    "Everything is correct, but it doesn't work" is not a very detailed description :-)

    1. Check your internal connection first, to make sure the server is running (use the internal IP)

    2. Check your external IP hasn't changed (google for "what is my ip")

    3. Check your router settings (port forwarding 9987 to internalIP:9987)

    If it doesn't work, write mor detailed, what you tried and what messages you got, attach the log of the client trying to connect, ...)

    regards Thomas

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