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    [suggestion] Support for popular linux distro packages

    Hi Teamspeak,

    I know normally these requests get shut down but I'd like to request that official repositories be created for the teamspeak server on various popular distro's.

    This would allow:
    1) Easy installation and updates
    2) conformance with installation and security best practices
    3) A more robust integration as a service

    I know I could "roll your own" package but it's just not worth it for me as an admin to do this just for myself. I am currently (Successfully) using the current system but it'd be a lot better if the binaries got put with the rest of the binaries, configs in /etc/, users created with no shell or home directory, a working init script I didn't have to hunt down etc etc...

    I also know that installation that deviates from the defaults would require action on my part. Ex the mysql database library I have to pull from another debian distro (squeeze iirc.) and configuration. A good standardization would make this easy. If not for the library issue this would be pretty simple to integrate with the install. Actually... how possible is it for this to just be included with teamspeak server as a locally used library rather than a system installed one?

    A bit of work would result in a more secure and easier to manage server, which would improve the community as a whole. Once initially created it would be easy to automate the package creation process as well.


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    This was requested (many times... but one in here is) under [Rejected] TS3 linux packages

    And rejected because it was put on the user to create the package and post to a distro repository. I feel this is inappropriate because
    hosting by teamspeak would mean that teamspeak can host its own repository, which we as admins can add. This means that we get updates quickly without waiting for distro's to update the package.

    I run my own virtual server and could potentially run my own repository ... but I definitely cannot even begin to promise the kind of reliability and stability that I myself would expect. The software creators could.

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    We already have decieded, that we will not create such packages.

    Please no more threads about the same topic.
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