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    Limit Channel Delete/Modify Power of non-query server groups

    I was trying to make a channel only Server Query Admins could modify, move and delete.

    Sounded easy:

    - Set channel modify and delete to 100
    - change i_channel_delete_power and i_channel_modify_power Grant powers to 100.
    - Add and uncheck Channel Sort order for that channel and grant power to 100.

    However, although Server Admins can't modify or (directly) sort that channel, they can delete it.

    Unchecking b_channel_delete_permanent works, but I wanted to limit the effect to a single channel.

    For the record, I'm only doing some tests to learn. This isn't an operating server.

    Any advice?


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    As it isn't an operating server, you could remove the b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions permission from the query group, then set b_channel_delete_permanent on the channel but uncheck it. This will allow the channel permissions to override the query group permissions only in that specific channel.

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    Nice workaround, thanks.

    That actually works for any server, since I wanted to limit the powers of regular admins, not Query admins.

    What I can't grasp is how setting the channel delete power to 100 didn't work, the channel modify power did. No matter, that solution of yours gets the same results.

    Thanks a lot,


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    as long as the skip flag is not enabled, b_channel_delete_permanent can stay, the skip flag is the real issue.

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