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    Android not resolving host names

    I have tried to connect on my Android to my personal server, which it has worked before, but it keeps telling me that it could not resolve the host name, I also tried the TeamSpeak public server to see if it was an issue with my DNS provider, but it will not load the public server either. I can't just use the IP because I use Dynamic DNS do to Dynamic IP address that changes. Can you guys see what is wrong with it not resolving host names... Also I just tried another one that a friend pay a hosting service for and it failed to resolve also. I can connect VIA PC. is the address to the server.

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    It worked fine for me. I get "Invalid Server Password" same as my normal client.
    Please check your network settings.
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    I have the same problem.

    Try to reboot your device or change the name servers to and

    Rent a Server with a static IP, bro

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