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    Traffic in/out of all server instances (php)


    just asking,
    is there any already completed script that shows the traffic of *all* virtual servers combined?

    If i open

    It should look like:

    Servers: *Numbers of Servers here*
    Users: *All Users currently online on all virtual servers together*
    Traffic: Incoming: GiB / Outgoing: GiB


    Servers: 7
    Users: 34
    Traffic: Incoming: 1 GiB / Outgoing: 4 GiB

    Without serveradmin login, the serveradmin login should be automatically done through the php script.

    This would be cool!

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    Should be dead easy to do, as this is included in "hostinfo".

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    Does anyone has a already done script?
    This would be really nice, because i dont have any skills in PHP

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