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    Lightbulb Need permissions/channels for your new/current TS3 Server? I'm the guy you need :)

    If you have ever tried to do TS3 permissions and alot of them you know what a pain staking task it can be and then sometimes your get red failure messages showing up causing you to lose concentration. So the point is that's why i'm here, I have over a year's experience with doing permissions and can send you TS3 IP's to look at the ranks/channels system [Which I have done, You can contact the owner of the server to make sure] , If you like them then I can do them again but if you want them in a different order/layout then I should be capable of doing so to your satisfaction. I can do all your channels and spacers also and upload/remove channels/permissions/ranks if need be.

    So if you are interested then contact me on REMOVED. Once you get in contact with me I can do a call/text chat [Your choice] with you and see what all your looking for on your TS3.
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    You're the guy? You have been signed up here for all of 2 weeks.

    Ok, a quick pop quiz just in case this is another fake bot post.

    Q1. Someone sets up their server with many channels correctly, so they think, and they have a problem where they have a server group that gives them admin powers but they are unable to use them most of the time, and sometimes they can use them. What is a good likely cause of this?

    Q2. Someone puts the following permission on their secret channel: i_channel_join_power but for some reason it is not preventing people from entering because anyone can enter as any public channel. Why is this?

    No need to answer, of course, but I just find it odd that someone with over a year's experience with permissions only created an account on the forum less than 2 weeks ago.

    Do you have any public existence somewhere online doing TS orientated things? It would certainly help your credibility if people could "see" something, some evidence other than just a claim from a new account on a forum making their very first post ever.

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