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    I'm can't change a channel icon

    I'm a server admin, and I have to change a certain icon for a channel, but it says I have insufficient permissions. I'm 99% sure the problem is that our i_channel_permission_modify_power is 74 and the i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power is 75, but my i_permission_modify_power is 75. The grant for i_permission_modify_power and i_channel_permission_modify_power is 75 if that changes anything. Anyway, whenever I try to change the i_channel_permission_modify_power to 75 it says insufficient permissions, and the same happens with changing the grant. I've seen the first aid thing about insufficient permissions but I don't really get it so can someone explain what to do please?

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    You destroyed your server. Congratulations to that.
    If it's your instance, try settings it with the serveradmin account. If that doesn't work, use permission reset and if that still doesn't work, read this. If it's not your instance, ask your ISP.

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