I am using the SDK in Unity with C#. Normal talking works fine, but the problem is that 3D sound is not working.
Every player calls each frame:
HTML Code:
ts3client.ts3client_systemset3DListenerAttributes(scHandlerID, ref current_pos, ref current_forward, ref current_up);
but there is no difference if the player is next to you or far away. Do I have to activate the 3d Sound in the playback device? if so, which mode should I activate? My problem is that the following is not working in C#:
HTML Code:
char*** lol;
error = ts3client_getPlaybackModeList(ref lol);
So I cannot find out my playback mode. Is there a list anywhere?
Further I want to ask if I need to set also the positions of the other clients on the current client or if I only have to set the position of the current client and that the other clients get this position from the server?
Would nice if someone can help me. Thanks a lot.
Best regards