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    Post [TUT] How to properly set up the teamspeak server for personal use.

    Here is tutorial that I have made for making your first teamspeak server off of your PC.

    Downloads :
    Server Files
    Instructions :
    1. Download the files found above.
    2. Extract Teamspeak 3 Server Files download to a folder on your desktop (doesn't have to be desktop. Just make sure that it is all in its own folder.)
    3. Run the "ts3server_win64.exe". It will then present you with the credentials for your server. Write these down in a text file somewhere.
    4. Then, close the process and run it again. It will now go into your background processes and you can find it in the task manager or in your hidden icons in the taskbar.
    5. You now have the server running. But, we need to set it up so that you can have other people join it. (btw. You can join it now by connecting to "localhost")
    6. I am going to use the no-ip method. So, go here and make an account and make your domain and download the client.
    7. Run the no-ip client and then login. The server is almost ready now.
    8. Now, for portforwarding. You need to open up "cmd". Then type in "ipconfig". Go to your favorite browser. Then go back to cmd and look at the top for the "default gateway".
    9. Login to the GUI of your modem. Then, look for something that says "portforwarding" this can really be anywhere.
    10. Once you find it, then add exceptions for the ports "9987 : UDP", "10011 : TCP", "30033 : TCP"
    11. Go open your teamspeak 3 client (NOT SERVER).
    12. Now, a note. You can only connect to your teamspeak by typing in "localhost". But, all of your friends will connect through your no-ip domain at port 9987.

    Credits :
    TeamSpeak 3, YouTube

    Enjoy you guys! If you have any questions or errors then I dont mind to offer my input and try to help you out .
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    You also need ports 41144 (TCP) for TSDNS as well if you need it, and 2010 (TCP) for the weblist.

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