Hello everyone,

so heres my issue. i am trying to set up ts3 server on my imac(brandnew), stock firewall, linskys A600 router. I am able to run the actual server process and can connect to local host. sadly my isp block port 9987. so i did the server query from telnet and successfully changed the port to 10000(not blocked by isp) restart the server process and not i cant even connect to localhost. even still noone can log on from outside my network. i change the port back and it connects with no prolem. i use the command serveredit virtualserver_port=10000. Im at my wits end is the client still trying to connect to the default port? if so it would make sense that it cant connect cause theres nothing there. if thats the case is there a way to change what port the client is running to?please help. i have a mumble server running with no problem but its not nearly as cool as the ts software. HELPPP!!!!