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    playWaveFile() not working properly? o_O

    hi guys,

    I am using this piece of code:

    void ts3plugin_onClientMoveMovedEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, anyID clientID, uint64 oldChannelID, uint64 newChannelID, int visibility, anyID moverID, const char* moverName, const char* moverUniqueIdentifier, const char* moveMessage) {
    	char appPath[PATH_BUFSIZE];
    	ts3Functions.getAppPath(appPath, PATH_BUFSIZE);
    	char* requestedPath = appPath;
    	char reqPath[] = "sound/default/talkpower_requested.wav";
    	strcat(requestedPath, reqPath);
    	char* grantedPath = appPath;
    	char graPath[] = "sound/default/talkpower_granted.wav";
    	strcat(grantedPath, graPath);
    	if (newChannelID == 15 || newChannelID == 16)
    		ts3Functions.playWaveFile(serverConnectionHandlerID, requestedPath);
    	if (newChannelID == 17 || newChannelID == 18 || newChannelID == 19 || newChannelID == 201)
    		ts3Functions.playWaveFile(serverConnectionHandlerID, grantedPath);
    		//ts3Functions.requestSendChannelTextMsg(serverConnectionHandlerID, "event triggered", 98, NULL);
    when I used
    ts3Functions.requestSendChannelTextMsg(serverConnectionHandlerID, "event triggered", 98, NULL);
    , it worked perfectly, but I didn't get the playWaveFile soundoutput. I hear nothing.

    I think I just have to pass the serverConnectionHandlerID provided by ts3plugin_onClientMoveMovedEvent to ts3Functions.playWaveFile, haven't I?
    The Path should be correct too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dione View Post
    The Path should be correct too...
    emphasis on should. Did you ever check that it actually is?

    Because it shouldn't be correct based on what you're doing...
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    I don't exactly know, what I did wrong, but now it works
    nevertheless, thanks for your answer^^

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