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    August 2014

    Cant load any plugin

    I MAINLY USE TEAM team speak for acre mod

    but i cant load any plugin
    all failed
    acre failed
    Failed to open plugin.
    others for
    Api version is not compatible

    win 7 ultimate 64bit
    things i did
    ts as administrator - downloaded many ts versions and all have the same problem

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    December 2014

    ACRE api version out of date despite downloading, need to fix

    My ACRE wasn't working and a check of my plugins showed that acre_win32.dll (and should it be the acre_win64 version that loads if my computer is a 64-bit version?) was marked red and that the API version was 19 when 20 was required. I tried everything from re-downloading TS3, my A2 mods, and my A2 mod loader (PlayWithSix) to downloading ACRE from this site and extracting it to where it needed to be and nothing seems to work.

    I really want to get back into ACRE/ACE in ArmA 2 and that requires this to work. Does anyone know of a fix to this?

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