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    My friend can no longer connect to my TeamSpeak server

    Hello! My friend used to be able to connect to my server that was locally hosted, but now I've moved it to a friends PC, and he can't connect anymore... Not sure what the problem is, he can only stay in the server for about 10 seconds. Every one my friends can connect but him sadly, and I'd like to help him. Any help is appreciated, Thanks! (Tell me if you need more details)

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    He's trying to connect to wrong address. Quite obviously.

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    No... As I've said he's been able to stay in for about 10 seconds, I've tried many things and have gone onto TeamViewer and I haven't found a solution = /

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    Sounds like some protection against DDoS or something is kicking into that connection. Or perhaps his connectivity is bad.
    look into/post to us(so far you are not giving enough details at all!)
    - Was there some network device/configuration change around the time you observed he can't connect(on his end, or servers)?
    - just to check: He is able to stay on any other server fine for tens of minutes without problem even if he talks?
    - client version, OS (client log?)
    - server version, OS
    - during those 10seconds on your server when he get's dropped, is he just iddle in channel or talking?
    - when you observe your problematic friend pay attention to his connection details, does he have risinig packet loss or his packet loss is zero then he gets cutoff?
    - test what happends if he unsubscribe from all channels, doesn't use his mic, and disable his plugins.
    - client: firewall?,antivirus? their versions? ...

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    Your friends client log might help here and the info Tomas is asking for would help a lot

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    The server network did change, it used to be run off my netbook, but I moved it to a friends PC as it has much more RAM and higher performance. I used to have my netbook directly connected to my internet connection with an ethernet cable, the current pc which the server is one is using a wireless adapter (gets about 4 bars). My friends internet connection is 1mbps comcast, current server pc has wireless 50mbps comcast, old server netbook had direct 50mbps comcast. He can instantly connect to any other server, but on mine he has to try about like 4-12 times. His client version is, operating system is windows 7 (couldn't find client log). The server PC's version is, OS - windows 7. When he connects he can talk fine and all. I tried disabling plugins (couldn't figure out how to unsubscribe from all channels). When he is connected he can speak perfectly fine but will just drop at about 10 seconds. Not exactly sure what or how to find packet loss. I have uninstalled any antivirus he has and disabled firewall. All other clients have the same version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avyiix View Post
    When he is connected he can speak perfectly fine but will just drop at about 10 seconds.
    This uses to be something in the router:
    Your friend should check his router and search for any firewall, SPI Firewall, DDoS Protection, Flood Protection or similar and disable those option

    Occasionally it helped to disable "UDP Checksum Offload" for the network card. On Windows this can be found in the device manager, properties of the network adapter under the advanced tab.

    He could try first with the network card parameter and then with the router.

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    This could also be something strange with the wireless connection from the TS3 Server PC to the router / comcast modem.

    Sometimes there can be packet loss, bad connections, maybe even issues with MTU on the router config?

    You can find packet loss by right-clicking on your friend's user name and selecting Client Connection Info when s/he is connected to the TS3 Server.

    In the pop-up, on the bottom half, under the "Total" tab, the first row says "Packet loss".

    Try to have the client info box open for as long as possible before s/he disconnects and then tell us the "Total" percentage in the first column.

    Definitely seems like keepalive/check-in failing...

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